Friday, December 30, 2016

Juice Cleanse and Clean Eating in 2017!

I LOVE getting a new notebook or a new planner because of the possibilities it brings. No scribbled pages, no doodles or dog-eared pages...just a clean slate. It's the same reason I LOVE the motivation and self-reflection that the new year brings! Unfortunately, I typically start off with the best intentions and end up completing a tiny fraction of my goals! So, I actually started preparing for my year by starting early. I have been working pretty consistently out for the past 2 months and that's a big step for me. Up until now, I've avoided anything hard like exercise and dieting haha! Dessert every day, or even twice a day, was my norm and stress brought (and actually still brings) the desire to eat everything in sight! I've learned over the past 2 months that I don't need it. Exercising was really hard at first but I've grown to really look forward to it! Tanner told me that would happen but I didn't believe him ;) 

I'm ready to step it up a notch now and tackle my perspective on food. I don't think I will truly change my habits until I've learned a little bit of self-control, and just like exercising, I need that little push to start! Enter Wunder Juice, a Fort Collins based wellness company that ships nationwide! I contacted Andrea, the owner, about her Reset 30 program and it's what I have been looking for. (We are NOT being paid for this campaign). She's offering a discount for any of you who would like to join me as well! If you're local, we can do it together! If you're not local to Fort Collins, they ship this nationwide and we'll start an online support group to cheer each other on!! Here's the program in a nutshell:

The Reset 30 food plan is designed to make you energized, clean from the inside out and help you shed unwanted weight.
Why 30 Days? It takes 30 days to shift your thinking towards food and create metabolic change in the body. With Reset 30, there is no calorie counting or deprivation!
You will eat good, whole food and feel great.
 The Reset 30 is the perfect food plan designed to make you feel your best: 
  • Lose Weight
  • Detoxify and Get Clean Inside and Out
  • Increase Energy with Whole, Organic Comfort Food 
  • Build lasting healthy eating habits so that it becomes a second nature and part of your lifestyle
Benefits: Feel more energized, lose weight, sleep better and get balanced.
Total Cost Including 5 Day Reset + Detox Box= $12.50 Per Day 
$375 Total For a Month of: 
  • 30 days of an outlined food plan and grocery list to keep you energized, detoxified and on-track
  • 1 hour Kickoff/Consultation with Elaine 
  • 5 Day Reset + Detox Box includes 5 days of Juice + Soup/Broth + Smoothies
  • 30 days of recipes to make on your own 
  • Weekly support emails
  • FREE Weekly food delivery (optional)
Your box includes 5 days of:
  • 3 Juices Daily: Fresh, raw juices to detox your cells
  • Green Smoothie
  • 1 Veggie Soup made with bone broth (vegan/vegetarian avail.)
  • 32 oz Bone Broth to strengthen your digestive system, make your skin glow, build bone density & nurture your immune system.
  • 32 oz's Cashew or Almond Milky: Healthy way to treat yourself and feel satisfied

I'm a little nervous to start because self-control isn't my strong suit...but the reason I chose this program over some of the other ones I've seen online is the support and the amount of product that you get with the cleanse. It's also a more hearty cleanse than the others that is based around detoxing rather than weight loss, so you're not going to go hungry. So, my plan is to start this on the 16th of January and supplement with prayer and meditating on scriptures that talk about self-control. I am really excited!

The deadline to sign up with the COUPON is Jan 3rd. The deadline to sign up is Jan 6th. Class will kick off online on Jan 11th! Keep in mind that all national shipping takes 1 week to process.

For those of you who are doing it with me in person, we'll kick off at the Garden Juicery on Jan 13th!! If you're local, you'll pick up your supplies at the Garden Juicery on Jan 15th OR you can have it delivered for a $5 fee!

So excited to make this change, and I'm really hoping to have some people doing it with me!! 'The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.' - Socrates

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Home Tour

Christmas decorating can get pretty complicated when you don't like clutter. It becomes more of a challenge for me with each year that I become more of a minimalist. I spend countless hours studying and researching looks that I love and that's how I come up with my "plan". So here it is...

I've been wanting a deep blue linen tablecloth for such a long time! I found one on Etsy (here) and the color could not be more perfect!! My lights are vintage and rewired by my Sweetie. This room is painted with "Glacier White" from Benjamin Moore. 

I love the texture of a linen tablecloth! Normally tablecloths give a very formal feel, but the wrinkles and texture of a linen tablecloth seem to make it much more casual and relaxed. 

The beams we put in are not old. I whitewashed them with a light grey paint mixed with water. 

Those red stockings I found on an etsy shop as well. 

I wanted a very fat tree for the last couple of years. This one makes me SO happy! I told the kids we wouldn't be decorating it much at all this year and of course that made them so sad! So...there was nothing else to do but get them their own tree to decorate however they wanted. 

I can not tell you how excited I am to finally have the sofa of my DREAMS! A couple years ago I bought a NEW sofa and it was the most I've ever spent on furniture...however it was the cheap version of what I really wanted! So after getting some great advice, I decided to go for the couch I loved best! 

The sofa is from Layla Grayce and the maker is Moss Sudio. It's entirely slipcovered which is a necessity when you have 3 little kids! The slipcover is linen which I already mentioned is a favorite fabric of mine because of the relaxed texture. This sofa is AMAZING!

Remember this cabinet? Some of you will just die that I painted it but I can't tell you how it transformed the room when I had no idea it would make such a dramatic effect! I was very careful to paint it so that it still looked old and you could still see the cracks and nicks. I LOVE how it turned out! Why didn't I do this a year ago?!

I bought some Eucalyptus stems from a local florist and made the garland. I wanted a more delicate look and the Eucalyptus made for such a pretty Christmas touch!

So....are you just dying over my new painting?? I so wanted a huge painting in here and I could not find one that was the right size and shape and colors, etc. So I commissioned my really good friend to paint me exactly what I wanted. We picked out a picture that my brother took locally and I sent her the colors I love. I had confidence in her talent, but I was surprised that the end result was EXACTLY what I wanted...since I am pretty darn picky! So....if you ever want to get ahold of this artist, you can email her at

That's all I've got for now! Now I am going to enjoy my festive home with my family and I hope you all will get to do the same! Merry Christmas!

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